Quality Apprenticeships

Quality Apprenticeships for a Successful Career

Apprenticeships offer an easy and effective way of making your dream come true. They will qualify you for the trade you are committed to and are the perfect choice for “non-academics”, people who like to work on the tools, as well asthose who want to earn while they learn, and who wouldn’t!

ATEP offers apprenticeships in numerous trades and recruits and employs apprentices who are placed with what they call a “host employer”.


An apprenticeship involves not only on the job work, where you learn directly in the work place, but also successful completion of an off the job course, usually at a Tafe institute.

ATEP offers full time and school based apprenticeships.

School Based Apprenticeship (SBAT) at ATEP

These apprenticeships areavailable for students who are enrolled in the senior secondary program i.e. VCAL or VCE. In a school based apprenticeship, student share their school week between normal classes at school, usually one day at work on the job (for which they are paid)and another at Trade school (Tafe).

In summary a school based apprenticeship and traineeship at ATEP involves weekly:

  • 3 days at school
  • 1 day of practical workplace experience on a part time basis
  • 1 day of theory atTrade school or with an accredited Registered Training Organization.


The successful conclusion of a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

ATEPSchool Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships give studentsworkplace experience and basic skills, accountability and confidence; all of which are very sought after by future employers.