Plumbing Apprenticeship

Take a step ahead in a Plumbing Apprenticeship with ATEP

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Employment Partners (ATEP) works on the principle of recruiting jobseekers and placing them with a host employer for the duration of their apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship involves on the job and off the job (Tafe) training which ensures that candidates are trained both at trade school and in the field so as to become fully qualified in their field.

As a Group Training Organization, ATEP provide a platform for both the employers and jobseekers so that they can benefit mutually.


You can apply for an apprenticeship with us in Building and Construction in trades such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and others, as well as in other industries including Automotive and Manufacturing for example.

Why choose ATEP?

At ATEP we provide essential support and pastoral care and place you with a suitable employer.An apprenticeship is a good way to give your career a kick start. The learning process is comprehensive and the best way to learn the art is under guidance of experts. Apprenticeships are usually full time jobs, to which Award wages apply and, at the end of which if you are successful you will be a qualified trade’s person.

As a Plumbing apprentice,work includes all general plumbing activities: drainage system, installation and repair of heating and ventilation systems, preparing plans, installing and repairing of plumbing systems, find connections and cut holes through walls, equipment like boilers, water heaters, solar heaters, pumps, cooling systems and the list goes on.


Applicants’ age may vary but mostly employers expect a minimum of 16 years of age and Year 10 pass. Often a driver’s license will be required in order to get to and from work sites.

Off the job training is provided by a Registered Training Organization (RTO). While the content of the RTO training follows a set curriculum, the on the job training may vary depending on the type of employer.

The preliminary requirements for applicants include being enthusiastic and committed to the trade, punctual and willing to learn, physically fit, ready to work in any environment, have good hand eye coordination, be able to work independently and have good interpersonal skills.

For more details contact us today, ATEP is one the leading Group Training Organization and we a proven track record. Our employer and employee testimonials say it all.

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