Carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpentry Apprenticeships for a Successful Carpentry Career

Carpentry is an evergreen sector which provides excellent career opportunities. With all the new-builds and renovations in Australia, this trade continues to grow thereby making carpentry a very popular choice for people looking to take up a trade.

Learning carpentry skills by undertaking a carpentry apprenticeship is the stepping stone to a rewarding career as a carpenter. ATEP is dedicated to matching young people and employers and ensuring their relationship during the apprenticeship is fruitful for both parties.

Carpentry with ATEP

At ATEP, we offer fulltime carpentry apprenticeships providing skills in all aspects of the carpentry trade and ultimately leading to a qualification as a carpenter.

You may think carpentry material is primarily timber but this is not always the case. Apprentice carpenters are trained to use other materials such as metalliccarpentry-apprenticeship-atep and plastic materials amongst others.

A carpenter works in a range of environments within the building and construction industry. For instance, they build or repair anything from frames & roofs to windows in residential or commercial buildings, as well as work on civil engineering projects such as bridges and dams.

Based on competency levels, apprenticeships take between three to four years to complete leading to a Certificate 3 in Carpentry, which is a nationally recognised qualification. Through the duration of the studies, apprentices will undergo comprehensive training involving both theoretical and practical work.

ATEP oversees this training and ensures apprentices are exposed to all aspects of the trade.

Personal requirements

The carpentry profession involves not only building and repairing, but also drawing and designing, reading plans and other skills. As a result, aside from pure industry skills, the following personal attributes are required of an apprentice carpenter with ATEP:

  • Enjoy practical and manual work
  • Ability to solve problems (mechanical reasoning and mathematic skills)
  • Safety-consciousness
  • Good and effective communication skills
  • Ability to comfortably work in a team
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Well established organisational skills
  • Comfortable when working at heights as well as in confined spaces

ATEP’s expertise as an employer of apprentice carpenters is well documented. This expertise ensures the highest quality skills levels, enabling apprentices qualified through them to excel in their careers, either as business owners or contractors.