Victorian Government commits to supporting apprentices through the group training industry

Some good news for us.

The Minister for Training & Skills has announced that the Victorian Government will commit to continue providing funding support for the 2015/16 year for Victorian group training organisations that employ apprentices & trainees.

Minister Steve Herbert advised ” this funding will provide much needed support to thousands of young people looking to work within a trade across Victoria”.

As Gary Workman, Executive Director of GTAV, Group training provides a safety net and flexibility for both the apprentice and host employer over the period of the apprenticeship.”

Australia is facing shortages of skilled workers in many areas and apprenticeships are a way of ensuring we have skilled workers for the future, and that we do not leave a generation of young people permanently locked out of the workforce.

The announcement today demonstrates the Victorian Governments strong commitment to apprenticeships and will ensure young workers receive real skills and training, and valuable career opportunities, which provides a strong foundation for our economy.”