Traineeships in Melbourne

Traineeships in Melbourne- Equips you for a Successful Career

ATEP employment service provides a unique platform for association between a host employer and Trainee. ATEP provides apprenticeship and traineeships in Melbourne Australia. We recruit students and organize for them to be trained through our host employers.


Candidates are assigned to the Group Training Organization (GTO) which takes care of training. Our aim is to provide a symbiosis in which employers and employees flourish. Those who do not want to pursue long courses in skilled work are given the opportunity to learn a skilled job.


At ATEP we pick candidates who are keen to learn and need to earn and income at the same time. ATEP takes the responsibility of checking employee background, eligibility and aptitude before selecting them. Candidate’s field of interest is also checked.

We take the hassles of advertising and the recruiting so there is no need for you to invest your crucial time into job sourcing. This results in a cost saving for the employer and better utilization of recruiters. Host employers just need to contact us to advise their needs.

The duration of an Apprenticeship may be part time, full time or on a lease or contractual basis. We are the Australian apprenticeship experts and have been servicing our clients since 1987.


The Apprentices Training programs at ATEP not only benefit employers but also benefits the candidates. The trainees get industry specific training in which they can learn the skill practically from industry experts. This provides a base for their safe and secure future.Apprenticeships and traineeships in Melbourne are provided in the field of Electrical, Plumbing, Automotive, Commercial cookery, horticulture, Building, Engineering and many more areas.

At ATEP, we take the legal responsibility of taking care of the apprentice during the training period. Our services extend to the host employer even after the candidate is placed. We monitor the performance of the placed candidate to ensure that they deliver their best. Our history in providing traineeships in Melbourne says it all about what we do and how beneficial we are.

For more information please contact us on 03 9583 9444.