2017 ATEP Vocational Scholarship Foundation Eligibility and Delivery Guidelines


ATEP is a well-established not for profit community based organisation in operation since 1987. It has a strategic commitment to better support the local community not only through expansion in the delivery of its of Apprenticeship and Traineeship employment services but also through direct financial contributions to areas of need in the vocational employment sector within the communities we work.

In particular ATEP has established this foundation to assist individuals in the secondary school system in need of support to participate in vocational studies (School Based Apprenticeships SBAT or VET / VCAL). The Vocational Scholarship Foundation will in conjunction with each school strive to identify and support individual secondary students who are in need of financial assistance to access these programs.

Proposed Target Sector for Support in 2017 (eligibility criteria outlined below)

For the 2017 school year the foundation will continue to have a special focus on assisting young people at school who seek access to vocational studies (VET / VCAL or SBAT) but because of financial or personal circumstances are at significant risk of not participating.

Reasons for the Current Focus.

  • The foundation aims to target a sector, where there is significant need.
  • ATEP traditionally has a strong youth development and engagement focus and strive to promote and support the creation of vocational learning opportunities within the communities we service.
  • ATEP acknowledges the inadequate level of government financial assistance available to secondary students and their families for the additional costs (excluding course enrolment fees) associated with participation in vocational learning.
  • Secondary student’s successful transition from school to work is a critical ingredient to create a healthy and equitable social fabric within our local communities.
  • ATEP remains committed to honouring its origins as a “Community Based Organisation” by actions rather than words.

Fund Pool
The ATEP Board of Management has made an amount of $20,000 available for the 2016 – 2017 financial year.

Funds Distribution
The ATEP Foundation scholarship fund pool will be promoted and available to all Secondary Schools in our key LGA regions of operation as follows:

·         Cities of Melbourne, Stonington, Port Phillip, Frankston City Council, Glen Eira, Monash, Kingston, Bayside, Greater Dandenong, Casey and the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

A maximum of $500 can be made available to individual students to cover costs associated with their vocational pathway through school, excluding course enrolment fees. This is a one off scholarship per student and would not be extended beyond the 12 month period.

A formal application process is in place for schools to access the foundation funds and an application form should be completed with students and endorsed by the school.

The school is required to manage the distribution of funds to successful candidates as a contribution to course fee costs, rather than ATEP making direct payments to individual students or their parents. Schools are required to detail use of the funds being expended as per the foundation application.

Application Criteria
The criteria for funds should be focussed on supporting students identified as needing support to access VET, VCAL or SBAT studies specifically. Schools will be asked to endorse each students application and where required supply further details.

  • Students must be attending secondary school full time and undertaking VET, VCAL or SBAT studies at years 10, 11 or entering year 12 studies
  • Special consideration will be given to students who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  •  Special consideration will be given to students who are from indigenous communities
  • Special consideration will be given to students with disabilities
  • Special consideration will be given to students who are young women seeking to enter non-traditional vocational fields
  • Factors, such as accessibility to attend nominated Place of Learning and other issues that present significant barriers are also to be taken into account
  • Additional costs due to specific industry requirements for a vocation e.g.: Building & Construction must have safety boots due to OH&S legalities
  • A further consideration will be given for students who have a desire to access VET studies leading to employment in skill shortage fields

Students requiring support will make an application and may be required to undergo an interview within the school with the involvement of an ATEP staff member to provide further information.

Applicant Eligibility

Young people seeking financial support must meet one or more of the above criteria. Funds cannot be utilized to support students seeking to access tertiary education or pre vocational programmes external to secondary school. Young people or others (Teachers, Parent/Carer etc.) may submit an application for financial assistance and must provide evidence (scanned documents) to ATEP.

Appropriate “evidence” could include:

  • Copy of family Health Care Card/Pension Card or other evidence of low income
  • Copies of receipts for purchases specific to the vocational studies eg. Work uniform, text books and other resource materials
  • Copies of medical certificates/doctor’s letter supporting family illness issues
  • Copies of the course costs associated with the Place of Learning, excluding enrolment fees
  • Supporting letter from the student indicating a clear commitment and focus on a specific career pathway
  • Supporting letter from the school identifying “at risk” students and/or special circumstances outside of the application criteria

Examples of how the foundation funds can be utilised

  • Costs associated with the course (i.e. Training materials, Protective clothing and equipment costs)
  • Expenses associated with study i.e. travel, resources, accommodation.

When and How do Schools and Students Apply?

2016 Term 4: Promotion and distribution of information and applications to schools and students including a flyer to go home to parents.

2017 Term 1 – February 6th: Applications can be received up to February 6th 5pm, student Interviews conducted (if required), selection process carried out and grants allocated by February 20th.
ATEP CEO and the Board of Management will undertake any further review.

2017 Term 3: Mid-year feed-back report on performance by student scholarship recipient and school representative to ATEP CEO.

Payment of approved funds
Schools will receive a copy of the application form confirming the areas of allocation (travel, course costs etc.) and the amount that the student is to receive.  Schools are then asked to make the necessary individual payments on behalf of the student.

Please note: In the event a student is awarded financial support and does not commence their vocational program or no longer requires financial assistance the allocated funding must be returned to ATEP for re-allocation.

Application Assessment

Applications will be directed to the ATEP Board for consideration. Candidates will be prioritised for scholarship by the ATEP CEO based on the quality of the application, and the level of school endorsement. All approved applicants will be put on the successful list of recipients. Schools and students are notified of the outcome within 5 working days of approval.

Selection of scholarship recipients is primarily based on the set criteria in conjunction with the quality of, application, follow up interview (if required) and desire to expand their vocational knowledge.