SBAT Community Projects 2016 – Student quotes

Our SBAT Community Projects  students 2016 are nearly half way through their course and are loving it. Why? Here is some of their feed-back.

From Korrumburra SC/Coal creek:

  • Bree: “I’m actually enjoying the program. My Mum likes to garden and always get me out to help her; now that I know what I’m doing and know a few things about some plants and how to plant things it’s really good.”
  • Reece: “I am enjoying the work because I am outside and earning money”
  • Cooper: “it is better than school and is good experience for a landscaping job.”
  • Jake: “I like getting paid”.
  • Tyson: “this course is enjoyable and I have learnt more about OH&S, plant ID, coming to this course is a lot more enjoyable than school.”

From Berendale School:

  • Jarrod: “I have learnt how to use the equipment. I enjoy using the ride on mower.”
  • Scott: “ I have enjoyed everything. I love whipper snipping and the ride on.”
  • Amy: “ our supervisors are really good & teach us different things”.
  • Harvey: “I like using mowers and trips to Bunnings”.
  • Lachlan: “ this SBAT course has been a great training course for getting ready to work.”
  • Yash: “ I like to use the equipment and learning plant names.”

From Marnebek School:

  • Lachlan: “ I enjoy the course because it will help me in the future. And I would love to do landscaping once I leave school.”
  • Prabh: “ I like gardening because we are building planter boxes for the fruits & veggies for sick people.”

From Yarrabah School:

  • Dimitri: “I enjoy learning about new plants and digging holes and getting paid.”
  • Brianna: “I enjoyed making the welcome sign and putting the pavers in and making it nice for the school.”
  • Kelly: “ my favorite tasks have been planting the plants and learning their names.
  • Jordan: “ what I enjoyed the most was digging out cement and putting pavers in, also digging out rocks. Also enjoyed levelling sleepers & irrigation.”

From Emerson School:

  • Natasha:” the program is awesome, I really enjoy doing this job. I really want to do this class again, but sucks that it only goes for 1 year. I love it anyways.”

From Westernport SC:

  • Skye: “I’m enjoying the cooperation in this course and the fun memories I’m making.”
  • Kayne: “I am enjoying the course and am learning new skills, and Leigh is a good mentor for me.”
  • Mathew: “…and Leigh (the trainer) makes everything easy to understand”.
  • Shannon: “enjoying all the hands on things and the outdoors work.”
  • Jasmine: “ I like this course because it’s fun and Leigh’s a nice funny guy to be around and I’m learning stuff that can help me later on in life.”
  • Joel: “ I am enjoying all the hands on learning with the mattocks and shovels and all the other tools.”

They are so enthusiastic!

What a great program to keep kids engaged in school and learning skills & responsibility.

Thank you to our partner RTO Advance Community College whose trainers are fantastic and to all participating schools.