November – ATEP Vocational Scholarships make a difference

As we open applications for our 2015 Vocational Scholarships we are proud to say that 96% of the 2014 recipients have stayed engaged at school and completed their year successfully.

They deserve our congratulations as their circumstances would make it easy not to “stick with it”, it is testament to their determination and their will to succeed.

Despite a challenging year, ATEP will continue to assist students in the VET or VCAL sectors in 2015. This is our way of contributing to the community and ensuring young people in difficulty have a chance to integrate and participate in tomorrow’s economy.

Our partners in this program are the schools. This is what Amanda Malone, Director of Curriculum at OLSH College had to say:

“I am writing to endorse the wonderful scholarships that ATEP provide for Vocational students. My students are in the Catholic system. Whilst there is a small amount of funding for some courses, students do need to find quite a large sum of money to pay fees and to fund other requirements of their chosen courses.

We have a number of students at our College who are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. These are the students who are often suited to the training provided in vocational courses. Without ATEP’s support in providing this scholarship, these students would not be able to afford to pay for the materials and requirements of the course. They would opt out of school.

All of our students who have received the scholarship in the past have been successful in their studies and have gone on to pursue a pathway in an area of their interest. Their VET studies have prepared them well for further study.

On their behalf, I would like to thank ATEP for providing this scholarship and giving these students the chance to pursue these studies. It has made an enormous difference to their future.”