Nathan’s Graduation Speech

Nathan has just completed a Certificate II Parks and Gardens which he completed as an SBAT at Emerson School. This is graduation speech:

“Good afternoon everyone, my name is Nathan.

Firstly, I would like to thank all my family and friends of the SBAT Group for attending today to help celebrate our achievements.

I participated in this course as I have a strong interest in Horticulture and wanted to learn the skills I needed in this trade.

During the course we were involved in many hands on projects which I really enjoyed:

  • Construction of the Glasshouse
  • Paving the Glasshouse
  • Planting of the ICT car park and areas of the school
  • Propagation of seeds and cuttings for the vegie beds and planting around the school
  • Installing an irrigation system to our vegetable garden and glasshouse

All of the skills and knowledge I have gained from this course I feel will help me further my career.

I would like to thank Leigh and Nicole for all they have taught us this year. I would also like to thank Fiona and ATEP my employer and Advance for enabling me to be part of this program.

Also I would like to thank our school Principal Mr Mooney for his contribution towards our projects.

It has been such a wonderful year that we all had. I have greatly enjoyed the experience and I am truthfully thankful.