Matching employers and apprentices – the ATEP way

It is widely recognised that the better an apprentice (or employee) is matched to his employer, the more chance there is that he/she will stay on and complete his/her apprenticeship, whilst also enjoying the experience.

ATEP’s track record in this area is excellent, with a retention and completion rate of around 80%against a national average of only 50%.

How do we do it? Size, knowledge and “tailoring”.

The consultants at ATEP have manageable caseloads, giving them time to develop a relationship with host employers, therefore gaining an insight into their personalities, requirements, work ethic & work environment.

A prospective host will discuss and meet a consultant two or three times before the recruitment process begins, including an all important visit to the workplace.

This in depth knowledge of our host employers allows us to tailor our recruitment for them. Not only do we know the skills required for the job but also the personality required to best fit the job and its environment.

On the prospective apprentice’s side, our recruitment comprises a series of tests to assess skills levels but also a face to face interview. This interview is conducted by the consultant recruiting for the vacancy, making the matching process very personalised.

At ATEP we offer personalised service ensuring the best chances of success for both employer and apprentice.