March – SBAT Community Employment Programs 2014

Just over a 100 school based apprentices (SBAT’s) started with us in March.

This year we have again employed students from Korumburra, Carrum Downs, Westernport and Berendale schools, the students are employed in a range of vocations completing various base entry level qualifications.

We are also excited to welcome a new partner, Marnebek School who have 12 students with a disability now employed with ATEP as SBAT’s in 2014.

The students in ATEP employment are an average age of 16 and its common that once a student completes the year long SBAT host placement they may choose to transition into another field of work or continue to a form of further education post leaving school.

Understanding that, the key objective for ATEP and our partners is to provide a genuine developmental experience that supports each student in best understanding what is required of them to successfully transition from school to work when their time comes to do so and how to sustain employment (being reliable and productive) whilst completing their secondary schooling.

So, as in previous years, we look forward to working with our school, employer and training provider partners in support of the best possible outcome for every student over the year ahead.