Just secured an interview for an apprenticeship – what not to do!

Names have been changed but this is a true story and happens more than you think.

Yesterday Joe came in for an interview and some aptitude tests; he had applied for an advertised carpentry apprenticeship and was short listed on the basis of his resume and cover letter.

And then this happened…

  • he was 15 minutes late, no apologies at reception
  • when asked by the interviewer he said he hadn’t been late
  • he was slouched in his chair during the interview
  • made no eye contact with the interviewer and,
  • took a phone call during the interview !!!

Do you think he has a chance of getting the job?

There is a minimum you have to show a potential employer: that you are keen, respectful & committed.

This comes through in your words and actions so if you’re serious about the job, show it.