December – Employing young people with Disabilities

Marriott Support Services provide assistance to employers hiring young people with disabilities.

“Do you have a young person working with you who may have a disability, including a learning disability and you can see their potential but you are unsure how to get the best out of them? Would you be more inclined to take on a young person with a disability if you knew there are assistance to make it work for your business?

For example one young man with Asperger’s Syndrome was an apprentice and Marriott worked with him and the small business owner to better understand and communicate effectively with the young man. He has since completed his apprenticeship and remains employed at the same business being is a highly valued employee where other young people have come and gone. So with a little help it is a win-win for all and often with no cost to the small business.

Here is a solution, facilitated by our highly experienced Disability Trainer, and involving young people with disability, Marriott’s Disability Confidence training teaches practical and easy to implement tips and techniques to assist you and your team communicate effectively and confidently with people with disability. Training is customised to your specific business needs and funding may be available to assist your workplace become more disability confident.”

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Article provided by Jen from Marriott Support Services, Nov.2014