Carpentry Apprenticeships – Needed to get competitive edge in the carpentry industry

Carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpentry Apprenticeships: The job of a carpenter is the most fulfilling one as he helps to erect and maintain wooden structures like apartments, commercial complexes, hospitals and many other constructions. The work of a carpenter involves some amount of manual labor and working a great deal outdoors as well as indoors and requires the individual to be physically fit to withstand the rigors of the job.carpentry apprenticeship melbourne

Power driven tools which need good focusing and concentration ability have to be handled and the carpenter has to be mentally agile as well. The skill and experience of the carpenter decides his remuneration and hence, if one is interested in becoming a professional carpenter then he ought to apply for a carpentry apprenticeship.

What is learnt under the carpentry apprenticeship program?

The basic requirement for admission to an apprenticeship program is high school qualification with good scores in Mathematics and English as well as an aptitude for practical and manual assignments.

Many construction companies offer such carpentry apprenticeships which can be availed of by the interested candidates. Normally, about 6000 to 8000 hours have to be spent on work experience and about 700 to 800 hours on classroom teaching. Classroom learning involves teaching basic mathematics, learning how to read construction documents and blueprints which give the job details.

The different topics that are covered under the program include carpentry theory, carpentry apprenticeship atepconstruction techniques, proper handling of power and hand tools, selection of materials, wood treatment, health and safety, first aid and many more.The student learns the essentials of framing a building, building a stairway or putting up the roof. Various intricacies of the trade such as how to frame, layout, sheetrock and erect concrete forms are all taught under the supervision of a journeyman.

The apprenticeship programs last for about four years or so and on completion of the program the student gets the journeyman certificate. The student can opt for further training to become a master carpenter.

Job Opportunities

Many companies run the carpentry apprenticeship programs and once when the student completes his course he can easily get a job with them as they know the level of skill and dexterity achieved by him. In fact, most of the good job openings in this industry favor employing an individual who has completed the apprenticeship program. This is not very surprising, considering the enhanced dexterity obtained in the skills of carpentry by the individual who is capable of executing any type of carpentry venture without any supervision.