Better matching of employers and apprentices (article by GTA)

This article was published by Group Training Association in it’s June Quarter Newsletter.

Can improving the match between prospective apprentices and employers increase apprenticeship retention and completions?

Around half of all trade apprenticeships are not completed and 60% of apprentices who leave their apprenticeship do so in their first year. Those leaving early most often do so because of problems in the workplace. This is a large cost for an organisation and it is also a difficult and disappointing experience for the apprentice. The negative experiences of these apprentices and employers make success less likely in subsequent apprenticeship experiences.

A project undertaken for Group Training Australia and the Australian Government by the Ithaca Group, has sought to identify, develop and test approaches for improving the match between prospective apprentices and employers, with the ultimate aim of improving apprenticeship retention and completions.

Busy employers often need help engaging with young people and in making expectations clear. Existing tools and resources have now been brought together in one place .

This online resource contains a wide range of information and tools that can help with improving the match and the workplace experience, as well as helping employers and host businesses to fulfil their role in the apprenticeship. This site is especially relevant for “intermediaries” who may use the information and resources themselves, and/or refer the employers they work with to relevant information and resources on the site.

The site is a “point in time” collection of effective resources for recruitment, matching and supporting of apprentices. As new resources become available and current ones are superseded it will need to be updated on a regular basis.”