Buy the best you can afford – Quality tools essential

“” Most tradesmen and apprentices would have acquired the basic tools required for their trade and, if they need new tools, they usually know what to get.

However, with the wide range and quality of power and hand tools now on the market, buying the right product that provides value and reliable service takes some planning and forward thinking, says Chris Newcombe of Total Tools Mitcham.

“Too many options can sometimes make it difficult for a tradie or apprentice to decide what to buy. This is where our knowledge comes into play, we are able to advise and guide them,” Mr Newcombe said.

“You need quality tools for quality work and, for those who are unsure, it helps if they are clear about what they are doing and what the tool will be used for.”

“Then we can suggest the most appropriate tool.

“For an apprentice building up the tool kit, it is important to consider the current need as there is no point getting something for sake of having it.

For example, a cordless kit with a battery that can run multiple tools would be a better buy than, say a power drill and extension cords, for work at a site without power supply.”

Mr Newcombe says that prices and quality of tools vary widely and the rule of thumb is to buy the best you can afford. For better value, bear in mind future needs and options available for add ons, which can save you from buying a new tool.

“While heavy duty tools are important for longevity, it is just as important to ask if the tool is serviceable should it break down, if parts are available, and the type of warranty available”, he said. “”

Article written by Arun Biswas in The Leader Newspaper

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